The Lorax and Dystopian Texts

Disclaimer: I have never read Dr. Seuss’s book, The Lorax. I have seen the 1972 TV special, which I have been told is an almost word for word adaptation. Any comparisons I make are relative to the TV special, not the book. Being as fabulously behind the times as I am, I only got around

Recettear and the Grocer/Shopper Relationship

I recently read an article in the anthology Food Nations by Tracey Deutsch entitled “Untangling Alliances: Social Tensions surrounding Independent Grocery Stores and the Rise of Mass Retailing.” In it, Deutsch makes the argument that chain stores supplanting and taking over small, family owned groceries had as much to do with the tension-fraught relationships between those small

Meet and Greet!

Salutations! I’ve gone and done it. I’ve finally dragged myself back into the bilge of blogging, after months of swamping back and forth over whether I’d really wanted to. Some family and close friends might remember a previous blogging experiment I’d tried entitled “Historiocrazy,” which talked about, well, whatever it was I felt like talking