Wargaming Episode 2: Guidelines of Gaming

Wargaming Episode 2: Guidelines of Gaming

The Wargaming Series is written about concepts and experiences that focus primarily on my time with Warhammer 40,000 – but most of it applies to all tabletop wargames.   A good RPG has an engaging skill and combat system, deep lore, and the right amount of customization. A great RPG requires a GM to weave it into

Wargaming Episode 1: My Hobby, 40k

Wargaming Episode 1: My Hobby, 40k

I’ve long been committed to joining the AcaGameia blog, filling a gap it has in the table-top wargaming space. Only now (after two successful AcaGameia events) am I jumping into it. I can largely attribute this to two things: Seth and Tim are amazing at this bloggy-talk-talk business I just don’t know where to start

Feature Editorial: On Spoilers

(Note: I am going to try my best to avoid specific spoilers in the post, but I will have to refer to the existence of things which could be spoiled. And I totally spoil The Empire Strikes Back and Final Fantasy 7, because I consider those to fall under It Was His Sled at this point. Fair Warning.) Thinking

Feature Editorial: XCOM: Enemy Unknown; Allies Abstract?

I’m looking forward to Firaxis’s new game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The original game is a classic that I still pick up from time to time, despite certain flaws (such as game-breaking bugs and mechanics, along with a tendency towards tedious gameplay). The combination of high level strategy and research and tactical combat scratches multiple gameplay itches simultaneously,

Greenlight Spotlight: Contrast

Having established the sort of games on Greenlight I downvote to oblivion and why last week, I will now move on to highlighting games I think deserve your attention. Before I do that, though, I will note that Steam has made the user interface for Greenlight a bit more friendly, offering to generate you a

Counterfactuals and Teaching

Wo ho ho ho, a post from Tim?! It cannot be! Yes, I am once again attempting to maintain the subtle illusion that this blog is a two-man effort, instead of allowing Seth to shoulder all the weight of our page views. Luckily for me, today there occurred an eclipse of two arcane events. The first

Recettear and the Grocer/Shopper Relationship

I recently read an article in the anthology Food Nations by Tracey Deutsch entitled “Untangling Alliances: Social Tensions surrounding Independent Grocery Stores and the Rise of Mass Retailing.” In it, Deutsch makes the argument that chain stores supplanting and taking over small, family owned groceries had as much to do with the tension-fraught relationships between those small