Wargaming Episode 1: My Hobby, 40k

Wargaming Episode 1: My Hobby, 40k

I’ve long been committed to joining the AcaGameia blog, filling a gap it has in the table-top wargaming space. Only now (after two successful AcaGameia events) am I jumping into it. I can largely attribute this to two things:

  1. Seth and Tim are amazing at this bloggy-talk-talk business
  2. I just don’t know where to start on my passion for 40k

Warhammer 40,000 is the preeminent table-top wargame.  Set nearly (you guessed it) 40,000 years in the future, man has expanded across the universe, and collapsed, only to rebuild and reconquer… only to be on the verge of falling once more.  The Imperium of Man is beset by aliens, daemons, and traitors.  Long past are the ages of science and progress – Superstition and survival are key.  Millions of worlds, trillions of souls, and infinite stories set in a vast and uncaring universe. I’ve been reading too many 40k novels… The point being, it’s a wonderfully detailed and gargantuan universe with 25 years behind it. Yet, Warhammer 40k didn’t start as a table-top game – for me anyways.  It started with my purchase of the original Dawn of War PC game back in 2004. From the moment in the cinematic that the Space Marine sergeant spent his last breaths stabbing his standard into the blood-soaked ground, I was utterly enthralled. DoW_Intro_Image It would be several years, books, and game releases later before I entered the table-top game proper.  The table-top, in that age, seemed something for talented folks. I wasn’t a painter, nor a model builder. Over the years my rabid infatuation for the lore brought many of my friends into the universe. Some played the games with me. Others learned of the lore through my mad rantings – and coincidentally, they learned not to speak against the Emperor in my presence.  Sometime in the last 5 years, Eric (whom I got into Warhammer) finally got me into the table-top game, and from there it has grown to be a major factor in my life. And so I beg you to stay with me in my journey as I get back to the original roadblock I’ve had in setting words to screen: I don’t know where to start on 40k.  I wanted to start talking about the wargaming hobby, primarily Warhammer 40k, but its beholden to no one medium. Instead, let me tell you why I enjoy the hobby. SM_Painting_SM I intend to make this series about the many aspects of 40k (and on some topics, similar games).   Along the way I’ll cover:

  • Brief glimpses into the lore of 40k, which drew me into the hobby a decade ago
  • How to get started on your first army
  • How to build story into your games, and how to let the games (and campaigns) build your story
  • My favorite resources and podcasts

As the fancy strikes me, I’ll dive into more of what I personally find most enjoyable about the hobby today: How my army has evolved and taken shape. Both in the miniatures I’ve painstakingly worked on as well as the stories I’ve developed, and how it affects my play style.  It’s exciting to see how it now fits into the broader world of my gaming group and the 40k lore altogether.  Meanwhile, I’ve come to realize that the hobby has helped keep me stable in trying times, and has helped me develop skills I thought to be beyond my grasp. I hope that through this blog, I’m encouraged to explore other wargames and bring them back to this forum.  Warhammer Fantasy is an easy extension, but others like Malifaux, Dropzone Commander, and Warmachine have long intrigued me (and are at a smaller scale of investment). Last, but certainly not least, I’ll keep you up to date on my girlfriend’s unlikely militant arm.  Her tie-dye psyker has proven to be a valuable addition on the battlefield to my otherwise drab camouflaged army. Sharon_At_War

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