The AcaGameia Story

Started in 2013, AcaGameia began as an Extra Life team raising money for charity.  Formed of friends both old and new, AcaGameia focuses on board games, tabletop games, and RPGs, alongside a steady helping of video games, using them as a forum to share experiences with family and friends while raising awareness for charity.

Extra Life is a charity that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, providing much needed support and joy to kids going through incredibly difficult times.  The activities we host and the money we raise all are aimed at supporting the kids, and we’re thrilled to have you check us out.

Extra Life 2019 in the basement of AoZain
Extra Life 2019 in the basement of AoZain

We stream one major gaming marathon each year as part of the larger Extra Life event, and a number of smaller streams each month.  Many of these are as individual Twitch streams, with a helping of group events. 

In addition to streams, we’re ramping up our articles and story posts.  Our articles cover a range of topics around the gaming culture, while our story posts will tie to ongoing RPGs.  

If you want to hang out and game with us, check out our Discord, where we’re almost certainly chatting away right now!