On “Timbition” and Acagameia

Tim and David at the end of every year.

At the end of every Extra-Life fundraising event, we’re amped up. We’re ready to go with big new ideas, ways to get the word out, or to engage with the community. We’ve learned to label this as not just ambition, but Timbition. (This post not made with Tim’s advance approval, but you can guess why its called Timbition and not Davidbition. Davition. Da… eh, whatever)

Timbition isn’t a bad thing, its just the nature of the beast that we get fired up around Extra-Life, then life gets busy and priorities shift away for everyone. Some great things have come from it though – like standing up this website, our discord, or even our 10th anniversary event being at a big Airbnb. Other things never saw the light of day.

This year’s personal Timbition is some small merch and swag for each years event. I had mugs, stickers, and magnets made of my face a few years ago when I was streaming, and gave them out for the event. With Covid, none of those things continued, but we’ll see if we can’t spur it back to life.

Another Timbition of ours is to eventually go to Hurley Children’s Hospital, whom most of us raise funds for, and connect with the team there. That’s still on my list!

What’re your Timbitions that you never seem to get around to, but still hope you’re able to make a reality?

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