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I’ve gone and done it. I’ve finally dragged myself back into the bilge of blogging, after months of swamping back and forth over whether I’d really wanted to. Some family and close friends might remember a previous blogging experiment I’d tried entitled “Historiocrazy,” which talked about, well, whatever it was I felt like talking about for the day.

Needless to say, it was an unclear and nastily organized mess.

AcaGameia, however, I hope will be a bit more interesting. The idea was formed amongst myself and two close friends, one a Graduate Student in Pop Culture studies and the other a Film Studies graduate, to make a joint blog talking about the reasons we all enjoyed video games on an intellectual level. This idea gestated for quite some time until, quite recently, Dr. John Fea’s blog “The Way of Improvement Leads Home” relayed an article about Revolutionary War films. What got me thinking was that, while I couldn’t think of any films about the Revolution, I could certainly name a few video games. Quite big ones, in fact. AAA titles which, if the interviews with the developers were any indication, relied heavily on historical research and sought to bring real, historical drama into the homes of players. At that point I’d realized that the intersection of history and video games fascinated me, and I wanted desperately to share that fascination with others.

I won’t profess to be an expert in either field. I’m a Graduate student who is still struggling through a Thesis (which, thankfully, has seen a mini-breakthrough and is nearing completion) but by no means am I as well-read in History as other great history bloggers like John Fea, Paul Harvey, or various others of seemingly non-academic persuasion. Neither could I call myself anything but a Video Game enthusiast; I regularly keep up with the Industry news but my in-depth knowledge of Studio politics and development process is, at best, secondhand. And in terms of blogging…ha. I kept a livejournal in undergraduate which I sincerely hope never sees the light of day.

But nonetheless, I’m very keen to see this continue. If anything, I think I’ll enjoy getting my writing chops back in gear. For those family and close friends who’ve decided to take a peek at this blog, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy.

At the very least, I know I will.

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  1. I have enjoyed your meet and greet sir. I hope to perhaps provide some content for this blog in the near future. Consider your site on my to-do list :)!

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