A Second Introduction of Sorts

Hail, fair traveler!

In keeping with other blogs I read, I’ve decided that a second post might be in order to help flesh out a schedule of sorts. I say a schedule of sorts because, in all fairness, it is a schedule that I won’t be keeping the next week or so due to real life and all that. Nonetheless, it is the schedule that I am hoping to get into and would like to see occur on a regular basis, and thus deserves a place on this site.

In order to break the monotony of writing about a single topic every week, I’ll be splitting my posts into three “mini-posts,” about the length of a small, small article. These three articles will, in turn, look at History and Video Games from three different angles. Peppered among these articles will be links to news stories and the like, but in general the main focus will be on the articles themselves. The “schedule” will be as follows:

Monday – Video Games
Monday Posts will serve as my excuse to talk specifically about video games for the sake of them being video games. While my take on a game will be, more often than not, related to my love for history, I’m not really going to require this to be the case for the Monday Post.

Wednesday – History
Like my Monday Posts, Wednesday Posts will be an excuse to talk History for the sake of talking History. Whether this is some applicable aspect of Historical Inquiry or Philosophy, or just something relevant going on in the historical community that I find interesting.

Friday – History and Video Games…together!
Like the joy of Peanut Butter and Chocolate combined in a Reeses, Friday Posts will be the real meat of my week; a chance to talk about how the two interests can be seen as interrelated, and to (hopefully) suggest that there are ways for Gamers to grow an appreciation for History, as well as for Historians to grow an appreciation for Video Games.

In any case, that’s the game plan. As I said before, it’s a long shot to expect this schedule to go into effect immediately, but I am hoping to have it working by the end of August. Towards that end I only have to say “We shall see, we shall see.”

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