The Unexpected Return

The Unexpected Return
“Keep an eye on Herr Brodbeck. I do not trust him to cooperate peacefully.”

The panel at the bottom of the cell door slid away briefly as a tray with a single cup of coffee slid through. The prisoner turned, picked up the cup, and sniffed. Dark roast Colombian, he thought as he turned back to the computer screen that was the only light in the cell. While Herr Streasick’s hospitality leaves much to be desired, he at least knows to provide the stimulants I need to work. Soon, the sound of rapid typing filled the air.

So, it seems Tim has elected to revive this blog. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for a place to air my thoughts. That said, I am not, at this point, overflowing with topics and ideas. I actually haven’t been playing a lot of new video games recently, aside from Transistor, which is reserved for another venue. What I have been doing is playing tabletop games, reading, and revisiting older games. I have also started doing a bit of guest blogging at the Extra Life Community Blog doing board game reviews.

This, then, is my current plan: As my board game reviews go up on the Extra Life blog, I will post companion pieces here called “Expansion Packs” where I will provide additional commentary and critical analysis not suitable for a short review. This will range from explaining why I think certain mechanics are cool, to talking about how mechanics build/support narrative, to simply using the games as springboards for discussing cultural ideas. Since my reviews are published sporadically, so too will this feature.

In the interests of having a regular bit of writing here, though, I will also be doing a column simply called “Recollecting” where I revisit games from my childhood as well as old games that I have discovered more recently. I have no set approach in mind, but it will probably end up being a spread similar to what I plan for in the Expansion Packs. I’ll throw those up, oh, let’s say every Wednesday.

“Do not play games with me, fool, or your torment will be legendary!”

And that will do for now, I think. After all, I wouldn’t want to completely outproduce Tim on his own blog like last ti

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  1. “Herr Streasick, we confiscated the computer before he was able to disgrace your good name.” the guard intoned, clicking his heels as necessary.

    “Good, good…yes…” Tim said, wiping his glasses with a pristine handkerchief, “…I will be sure to inform Die Katzenfuhrer that the contributor is well on his way to reeducation.”

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